AEV reaffirms its trust in Rumeur Publique.

2 June 2016

Rumeur Publique, influencer communications agency, will support the Agence des espaces verts d’Ile de France in its media relations.

After an initial 7 year’s working together, the Ile de France public parks department (Agence des espaces verts d’Ile de France, AEV) reaffirms its trust in Rumeur Publique for a further 3 years.



The AEV protects and manages natural spaces in the Ile-de-France region.

The AEV is a public body, working for the Region, which designs and organises the land so that every local resident can live in a better environment in future.


Every day, AEV’s officers manage the forests and nature reserves to protect their wealth and diversity and protect agricultural zones around the city.

Saving the natural landscape is the business of everyone, so AEV carries out awareness-raising operations with its partners and with citizens.

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