Influence at the heart of communication strategies

22 July 2016

Official launch of the Taxis4SmartCities initiative: Taxi firms around the world are committed to an early transition in the energy source for taxis. 

“Influence at the heart of communication strategies”
Article signed by Jean-Christophe Latournerie, Deputy director of the Rumeur Publique agency – Read it at Marketing-Professionnel 


In recent years, influence has become the primary purpose of communications work. As the world has become horizontal, brands now have to consider all the stakeholders in their eco-systems, and address each of them through the most relevant communication channels, with a set of consistent, appropriate messages. It’s no longer a matter of hierarchical, even somewhat patronising, top-down communications delivered by an all-knowing brand imposing its point of view and messages on a passive, receptive public. 


This influence approach to communications demonstrates the way the brand is more firmly established in a complex eco-system, with tightly-woven links and inspired by conversations and discussions.