Zengularity chooses Rumeur Publique

27 September 2016

Rumeur Publique, influencer communications agency, is supporting Zengularity in its media relations.

Founded in 2004, Zengularity is a French platforms and applications designer, helping to speed up the transition to the digital business.


Its teams are formed of around a hundred specialists, working with their clients to define and implement best digital practice, so putting the user experience at the heart of their action.


Zengularity is inspired by the vision of positive disruption. This vision puts the digital revolution at the service of the user.
Zengularity has shown its mettle working together with Web giants such as LinkedIn, Apple, Gilt etc., and in creating technologies used by many global developers.


Play!Framework, prismic.io, nestincloud.io: these landmark tools bear witness to the desire for a new way of building the Web, helping to develop applications and passing on to Zengularity’s clients the experience gained from GAFAs.
This full package of services includes consultancy, delivery, Run/hosting and UX/UI. It relies on a demanding governance framework: Fast Digital Delivery, which spotlights speed of completion, safety and the culture of the result.

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