Taxis 4 Smart Cities

14 April 2016

Official launch of the Taxis4SmartCities initiative: Taxi firms around the world are committed to an early transition in the energy source for taxis. 

The Taxis4SmartCities initiative, announced by the Taxis Bleus network at COP 21 in Paris last December, finally saw the light of day with 14 founder taxi companies. The aim of this open coalition is to bring together taxi firms all over the world who accept the task of serving tomorrow’s cities, in order to speed up the energy transition of their fleet and spread local best practice on a global scale. Supported by the French Ministry for the Environment, Energy and the Sea, the Taxis4SmartCities coalition companies are now ready to formalise their commitment to greater reductions in their fleet CO2 emissions in two stages, from now to 2020 and then 2030.


Les moyens mis en œuvre Looking ahead to 2020: 33 to 50% of new vehicles will emit under 60g of CO2 per Km.


Taxis firms belonging to Taxis4SmartCities, representing 80,000 vehicles in 11 different countries, are committed to ensure that at least 33 % to 50 % of new vehicles joining their fleets will emit less than 60g of CO2 per kilometre by 2020.


The resources used


Partner companies are planning to share best practice around the world, and through public authorities promote the reforms needed for this transition to succeed: incentives for drivers, new regulations, development of a network of electric charging points suitable for the demands of intensive business use, etc.

The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), at which the Taxis4SmartCities initiative will be represented during the pre-summit meeting on Climate at the United Nations in Washington from 4-6 May, will assess and publicise the extent to which the partner companies achieve their commitment.


“As a vital player in urban transport throughout the world, the taxi industry has to stand out as a pioneer for sustainable development in tomorrow’s city. Leading the way for the industry as a whole, we have therefore decided to bring together all the taxi companies willing to commit to the energy conversion of their fleet, as well as to sharing and spreading best practice in terms of environmental impact, accessibility and safety for the entire industry,” explains Yann Ricordel, Managing Director of Taxis Bleus.


“The Taxis4SmartCities platform has to become a global platform for sharing, reflection and action, on which willing taxi firms can build tomorrow’s taxi business”.

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