Ooshot study

1 July 2016

Ooshot unveils the results of the exclusive survey carried out with OpinionWay among French consumers.

At a lunchtime discussion organised at the end of June at the Maison des Centraliens, Valérie Hersleven and Thierry Maillet, Co-founders of Ooshot unveiled the results of the exclusive study carried out with Opinion Way: “Why the photo has become the primary vector for branding”


  • 97% of French people say they have been affected, moved or interested by a photo seen in the media over the last 6 months.
  • 44% of French people look at the photos on a brand’s website first, before the text (32%) – Videos only have minimum impact.
  • According to consumers, brands display high quality photos, which promotes their image, but without making consumers dream, while saying they are aware of the commercial role of the photos.
  • Retouching photos is a tool to be used sparingly: for 67% of the French a retouched photo helps brands to sell more, but 86% consider that the process is similar to deception.


Has the society of the written word had its day? In the age of digital and social media, is writing becoming less important than the image? In our communication society, what precisely is the role of the image? And what is its value in the relationship between the consumer and the brands? It was to answer these vital questions that Ooshot, the leading on-line booking platform for professional photographers, asked Opinion Way to undertake a survey, the main conclusions from which are available at the link below.

See the results of the Ooshot study :