Dropbox study

4 July 2016

Well-being at work: is it time to rethink how we plan and organise work in French businesses?

More than anywhere else, in France independence in work and availability of collaborative tools nourish wellbeing and creativity of employees.


Dropbox and Ipsos MORI undertook the survey and presented the results at a lunchtime discussion organised by Rumeur Publique in company with Philippe Burger, Human Capital associate at Deloitte; Julien Hagege, Dropbox France evangelist and contributions from Matthieu Laudereau, CEO, Convictions RH and Gautier Piat, manager in the IT department at Lagardère Active.


Since it was created, Dropbox has studied and analysed workplace behaviour and the way colleagues get organised. That’s why Dropbox and Ipsos MORI carried out a global survey* of around 5000 employees (1300 IT managers and 3500 colleagues, of which 700 were in France) using everyday IT tools. The purpose? In the digital age, to question the way we plan and organise work in French and international businesses.



The study addresses 4 different types of colleagues: the “independents” with the freedom to work on the move or at home) divided between “collaborative” (242 people in the sample) or “non-collaborative” (190 people), and the “non-independents”, also divided into “collaborative” (54 people) or “non-collaborative” (214 people). Collaborative working means using tools regularly to exchange with various entities, inside and outside the business, in order to carry out professional tasks well.

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