Lima Technology announces Lima Ultra, the plug-n-play Cloud that respects your privacy

22 November 2016

After the success of the Lima Original, the start-up is launching its new box, with more functionality, more security and 40 times more power!

Lima Technology, specialist in private cloud services, announces the launch of the new Lima Ultra, its new unit which gives anyone an easy way to create their own, personal cloud server at home.


The cloud promise with the security of a home-based system


Many people are attracted by the promise of the Cloud (access to your files from anywhere), but don’t use it because of fears about data security”, explains Séverin Marcombes, CEO of Lima. “Our Lima Ultra provides the answer.

Like the cloud, the Lima Ultra gives access to personal files from anywhere and on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) or operating system used (Windows, OS X, Linux). The difference is that the files aren’t stored on servers in the cloud, but safely at home, on an external hard drive.

It is incredibly easy to configure”, explains Penelope Liot, vice-president for marketing. The user just needs to connect the Lima Ultra to the home Internet box and connect the external hard disk to add its content.

The files are then available from anywhere using the Lima app, even when travelling.


The biggest ever Kickstarter project is now an international company


Lima Ultra is the 2nd generation box from Lima Technology.

The company was the first French project to exceed one million dollars of funding on Kickstarter for the 1st generation of its product, which has since sold 60,000 items. The device also won 4 Innovation prizes at Las Vegas CES.

This latest version takes into account all the user feedback from the last couple of years. It has inherited the intuitive nature and simplicity of the Lima Original, and improves the user experience with a much faster response and better functionality and security.


Better performance and faster data rates, perfect for HD and 4K video.


We wanted to bring together the best of the Lima Original and transform it into an enhanced, more powerful product”, states Séverin Marcombes.

With a quad-core processor running at 1.5 GHz, the Lima Ultra is 40 times more powerful than the first generation of the product, making it the most powerful on the personal cloud market.


The result is extraordinary”, he adds. “This increased performance gives users an even better, more dynamic experience.

The unit is intended especially for users with many files and folders, or those who want to stream 4K videos.

Compared to the Lima Original, it speeds up access to files, synchronisation between various devices and transfer rates (multiplied 16 times). “For instance, it now takes 30 seconds to transfer a film to the Lima Ultra, compared to 8 minutes with the Lima Original”, continues Penelope Liot.

We are pleased that our users feel reassured that their personal files are stored at home, not on external cloud servers. We are now ready to offer this sense of security to a wider audience. So this will be the task of the Lima Ultra”, finishes Séverin Marcombes.

Watch the introductory video for Lima Ultra: