Événement Visa

18 mai 2018

Premier Meet-up Visa en France : #ShapingDigitalCommerce

Le 17 mai s’est tenu le premier Meet-up Visa à Paris sur «Shaping Digital Commerce» et sur l’économie de l’expérience.



Au programme :

  • – Fireside chat avec Alice Zagury (#TheFamily), Emmanuel Lechypre et Charlotte Hogg

Charlotte Hogg: You want to know how your data is used and you want your payment to be simple, secure and seamless.

Historically, payment was an experience. That’s disappearing. The experience is about the artisanship, the quality. Not the payment anymore. The payment happens behind the scenes.

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  • – Échange sur l’économie de l’expérience avec Bill Gadja, Elsa Hermal, Cedric Catangana, Jacob Schreyer et Suzan Kereere


Suzan Kereere : Context is everything. Anticipate consumers needs. Start a transaction in one place and collect a good in another.

Bill Gadja about consumers shopping experience « They love to shop and hate to pay »

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