Rumeur Publique is proud to be in the Champions of Growth list.

Published by Les Echos and Statista

This year, for the second consecutive year, Rumeur Publique is present in the list of Champions of Growth.

This is the fifth edition of the Champions of Growth ranking, established by Les Echos and Statista.

By sifting through the 2016-2019 period, this year’s prize list honors entrepreneurs comfortable with digital technology who have largely been able to resist the health crisis. It focuses on 500 success stories of all sizes, in all regions, and in all sectors of the economy.

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Happy new year !

Our wishes in video

The whole team wishes you a happy new year 2021!

Rumeur Publique awarded Communication Agency of the Decade

41st Grand Prize for Agencies of the Year 2020

After having received in 2015 and 2016 the prize of Influence Communication Agency of the Year, Rumeur Publique was awarded this year the prize of “Communication Agency of the Decade”.


We are very proud of this Special Prize awarded by “Les Agences de l’Année”, which rewards 10 years of evolution and transformation of our agency.


We would like to warmly thank our employees who do a great job, our partners who have been by our side for so many years and of course our clients whom we accompany with conviction and commitment!



Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the “Grand Prix des Agences de l’Année” is sponsored by the main professional associations, AACC, ACCE, ADC Conseil, ADETEM, AFCI, AFDM, AFM, Club des Annonceurs, Club des Directeurs Artistiques, Croissance Plus, Com-Eent, CMIT, Entreprises et Médias, IAB, Lévènement, SCRP, UDECAM, Union des Marques.

Every year, it distinguishes the most successful communication brands, based on a study of agencies, supervised by a selection committee made of specialists in this market (merger & acquisition consultants, headhunters, lawyers and chartered accountants) according to the criteria of the evolution of their turnover or gross margin, the acquisition of new budgets, the loyalty of their clients, and the creativity of their campaigns as rewarded at the major prizes and festivals of the profession.

Rumeur Publique celebrates its 30th anniversary !

400 guests to celebrate this event !

Rumeur Publique celebrated its 30th anniversary!

There were 400 of you who came to celebrate this event with us.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your presence and your years of collaboration!!!

Aramisauto acquires the Belgian group Cardoen

Aramisauto accelerates its international development.

Aramisauto is pleased to annouce the acquisition of Cardoen, leader of multibrand automotive retail in Belgium with, 13 points of sales throughout Belgium and a one hundred-strong team.

Cardoen generates 160M€ revenues and has sold over 13 000 cars last year. As Aramisauto, Cardoen has built its success on focus on consumer needs and their satisfaction, it has an excellent reputation in Belgium.



This operation comes after a majority investment in Clicars in Spain in 2017 :  Aramisauto is accelerating its international development so as to become Europe’s #1 go-to destination to buy a car.

Buying a car is the second largest investment of European households, and is their preferred mean of transportation.

Unfortunately, buying a car is often unpleasant : for example, over 41% of european used car buyers have a major problem with their car in the first year after buying it (European Comission survey n° EAHC/FWC/2013 85 01).



We are building a group, a ‘family’ of companies that ambition to propose the best solution for consumers willing to buy a car.

This family shares the same ambition, the same mission, and a common entrepreneurial culture & values. Our companies will share best practises and develop synergies.

The new offices of Rumeur Publique

The new offices of Rumeur Publique. 

The agency moved on February 19th into new offices near Paris. (St Denis)

There are now 1,300m² of offices and living spaces (restaurant, gym, etc.) which employees and customers of Rumeur Publique will be able to enjoy.

A turning point for the agency that continues to grow and whose teams are constantly expanding!

Here are some photos :


Rumeur Publique named Influence communications agency for the second year running

For the second year running, Rumeur Publique is named Influence Communications Agency of the year at the 37th Agencies of the year Grand Prix.

After being the first to carry off this award in 2015, Rumeur Publique has once more been recognised by its peers for its dynamism and the effectiveness of its strategies of influence.


In 2016, Rumeur Publique has experienced lively growth of 20% in its gross margins, strengthening its corporate team with the addition of Olivier Provost joining as Associate Director, alongside Christian Giacomini, Jacques Armessen and Jean-Christophe Latournerie.


“In 2016, Rumeur Publique strengthened its position as one of the top 5 independent agencies and its growth demonstrates the value which strategies of influence bring to brands. We have welcomed numerous new clients such as Stripe, Dropbox, Smartbox, Auchan:Direct,  and reinforced our relationships with our loyal clients such as AWP, Deloitte, ADP, CSOD, Atelier BNP Paribas, SocGen, Talend, CA Technologies, SAS,, Saxo Bank, Nest,  Aramis Auto, Les Taxis Bleus and others”, commented Christian Giacomini, Associate Director and founder of Rumeur Publique.

Shock forecasts for 2017 from Saxo Bank

Will this year be one of growth in China, of a Bremain, or of recovery for the Mexican peso and Italian banks outperforming on their shares?

Saxo Bank, the on-line investment and trading specialist, is publishing its Shock forecasts for 2017. 


This set of forecasts continues the Saxo Bank tradition of provoking debate on some potentially surprising or shocking events for investors in the coming year. So these forecasts aren’t official results from Saxo Bank’s research and strategy teams for 2017. They aim instead to set the scene for absurd market events and movements that could overturn the established, carefully considered consensus. 


Steen Jakobsen, Chief economist of Saxo Bank, comments: “The greatest challenge when writing this year’s Shock Forecasts was to absorb the surprise of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to lead the United States. Reality overtook the most shocking forecasts”. 


“The general theme of this year’s shock forecasts could be: for desperate circumstances, desperate measures are needed. So with 2017 fast approaching, central banks could decide to abandon their accommodation policy and negative interest rates, without however forsaking all intervention and influence on the distribution of capital and the price of money.”  


“The final conclusion I would draw from my experience with Shock Forecasts is that the one you reject is the one most likely to happen. Let’s be honest, no-one could have foreseen the recovery of emerging markets led by Brazil last year”.

Lima Technology announces Lima Ultra, the plug-n-play Cloud that respects your privacy

After the success of the Lima Original, the start-up is launching its new box, with more functionality, more security and 40 times more power!

Lima Technology, specialist in private cloud services, announces the launch of the new Lima Ultra, its new unit which gives anyone an easy way to create their own, personal cloud server at home.


The cloud promise with the security of a home-based system


Many people are attracted by the promise of the Cloud (access to your files from anywhere), but don’t use it because of fears about data security”, explains Séverin Marcombes, CEO of Lima. “Our Lima Ultra provides the answer.

Like the cloud, the Lima Ultra gives access to personal files from anywhere and on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) or operating system used (Windows, OS X, Linux). The difference is that the files aren’t stored on servers in the cloud, but safely at home, on an external hard drive.

It is incredibly easy to configure”, explains Penelope Liot, vice-president for marketing. The user just needs to connect the Lima Ultra to the home Internet box and connect the external hard disk to add its content.

The files are then available from anywhere using the Lima app, even when travelling.


The biggest ever Kickstarter project is now an international company


Lima Ultra is the 2nd generation box from Lima Technology.

The company was the first French project to exceed one million dollars of funding on Kickstarter for the 1st generation of its product, which has since sold 60,000 items. The device also won 4 Innovation prizes at Las Vegas CES.

This latest version takes into account all the user feedback from the last couple of years. It has inherited the intuitive nature and simplicity of the Lima Original, and improves the user experience with a much faster response and better functionality and security.


Better performance and faster data rates, perfect for HD and 4K video.


We wanted to bring together the best of the Lima Original and transform it into an enhanced, more powerful product”, states Séverin Marcombes.

With a quad-core processor running at 1.5 GHz, the Lima Ultra is 40 times more powerful than the first generation of the product, making it the most powerful on the personal cloud market.


The result is extraordinary”, he adds. “This increased performance gives users an even better, more dynamic experience.

The unit is intended especially for users with many files and folders, or those who want to stream 4K videos.

Compared to the Lima Original, it speeds up access to files, synchronisation between various devices and transfer rates (multiplied 16 times). “For instance, it now takes 30 seconds to transfer a film to the Lima Ultra, compared to 8 minutes with the Lima Original”, continues Penelope Liot.

We are pleased that our users feel reassured that their personal files are stored at home, not on external cloud servers. We are now ready to offer this sense of security to a wider audience. So this will be the task of the Lima Ultra”, finishes Séverin Marcombes.

Watch the introductory video for Lima Ultra:

Younited Credit celebrated its 5th birthday and reported on its activities since 2011

Younited Credit, leading on-line personal loans platform in France and the largest French Fintech celebrates its 5th birthday this month.

This date marks a target in terms of development, since the start-up has just passed the 400 million euros mark for loans financed since 2011.

“We are proud of how far we’ve come, and we are continuing to look forward. Younited Credit is presently the only loans platform in the world with its own Credit Institution approval. More than ever, globalisation is the key to our success. For instance, in August 2016, 75% of credit granted to French and Italian households was funded by German and Austrian investors. In 2017, this process will move into a new phase, with the opening up of Spain!” Charles Egly, Co-founder and Chairman of Younited Credit


Younited Credit investors


There are 3000 professional investors funding the platform’s loan (both individuals and legal entities).

Since 2014, Hexagone Finance has helped Younited Credit to seek institutional investors to fund the platform.

In August 2016, Younited Credit passed the symbolic figure of 100 million euros outstanding on its Conservateur Long fund. The total for outstanding loans held by the company now exceeds 250 million in assets managed.

Younited Credit is also continuing to innovate by diversifying its funds. Since August 2015, the platform has been marketing a new savings product and fixed term accounts, particularly through its partnership with the Raisin platform (launched in June 2016).


A strong enterprise culture…


Younited Credit has recently started preparing for a complete overhaul of its business values: After several surveys of its employees, followed by some brainstorming sessions, the start-up has defined 5 values: No limits, Make it simple, Faster is better, Innovate or Die! and Act like an entrepreneur.

“80% of the Younited Credit employees contributed to the formalisation of these values,” adds Geoffroy Guigou, Managing director of Younited Credit. “It is vital for us, given YC’s speed of growth, to question and reflect on what constitutes our unique company DNA. So these values will now form part of our recruitment process, helping us to choose the best candidates”.

These values are included in the start-up’s promise: to offer a transparent, simple and quick service (text message response within 24 hours), using cutting-edge technology.


…And new premises, to suit its image


From Issy-Les-Moulineaux and then Balard, the Younited Credit team, grown from 3 to 130 employees in France in 5 years, has had to move to more spacious premises. It is now settled in Rue Drouot, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, alongside a group of twenty co-working start-ups, who have sub-let several offices to the company.

Younited Credit has shaped the spaces to suit the image of its five core values. Gone are closed offices, the start-up now has wide open-space working areas, even for the managers, who are all at once closer to their teams.

For the record, the meeting rooms have inherited some of the names not chosen when “Prêt d’Union” was renamed “Younited Credit”. Some off-beat examples: Money Lisa, Happy Lending, and June Loan…